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At the heart of the project Berti exclusive wines & art lies the fact that each product fulfils its own role perfectly. Each individual bottle is a messenger with its taste and fragrance – the wine transports the wine connoisseur mentally to various Italian regions.

In the Langhe region of Piemont, we find miles of terraced vineyards that exude a special fragrance as well as the centuries old vineyards of Manduria where “Il Primitivo” comes from which is called Nectar of the Gods. 

We then approach the oriental hills of Friuli where since 1800 experienced master vintners have been producing excellent wines despite the steep hills of the region which make this a very demanding job indeed.

In the warmth of the south Italian region of Troia lies Elda where wine is one of life’s main purposes.

Finally we immerse ourselves in the fascinating and wild region of Maremma in Tuscany.

This whole word is characterized by rainbow colours, passions, sentiments and emotions that need a specific frame so that we can show our joy and pleasures derived from these Italian products. This frame is represented by the paintings of Omar Rigoni. They are full of energy and fascination and can stimulate our minds and thoughts. It is exactly here that the idea of an online e-commerce wine business was born where the wine connoisseur can experience this passion with every purchase of a bottle of wine. The experience of taste and art should be the reasons for buying our product – not the familiarity of a certain name on a label.

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